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Momasar Utsav is a 2-day Festival of Folk Music, Craft & Traditions. It is organised in Momasar village in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. The festival brings together over 200 artists & artisans from different parts of Rajasthan in a unique celebration of unalloyed folk traditions.

Momasar is a village in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Given its size and population, it definitely qualifies as a town.

Momasar is a beautiful village with history going back to over 700 years.

It has numerous havelis that feature the famous Sahekhawati architecture, beautiful old temples, wells and step-wells. A number of these locations along with open fields are charming venues for the various concerts and exhibitions of the festival.

Momasar Utsav is a mesmerising ensemble of folk music concerts, fusion music concerts, craft demonstrations, exhibition and sale (at the Craft Bazaar), lecture demonstrations, craft and music workshops.

Programmes start early in the morning and go on till the night at beautiful venues in the village.

All concerts and programmes at the festival are free-to-attend without any charge.

Momasar Utsav is organized to promote the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan without a profit motive.

Momasar Utsav is organised by Jajam Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation based in Jaipur). The Festival is designed by Mr Vinod Joshi, CEO of the Foundation and an expert on Rajasthan’s culture and traditions (http://vinod-joshi.com).

Non-residents businessmen of Momasar make financial contribution towards a fund for meeting the expenses of the festival and by providing their vacant havelis (mansions) as venues. Key contributors are Suravi Charitable Trust Jaipur, Gemini Corporation Belgium and Sancheti Tea Company Kolkata.

Dancing Peacock, a cultural experiences company is the key organising and festival management partner. It assists the organisers with logistics and management of the festival and also in building partnerships with various stakeholders.

Mercury, a leading communication design company contributes by designing promotional material and website, and digital marketing of Momasar Utsav free-of-cost.

The Sarpanch and Gram Panchayat of Momasar actively participate in the organising of the festival, mobilising local resources and taking key decisions. Residents of Momasar volunteer in large numbers. The income and expense account of the Festival is managed by a committee of village residents.

2023 will be the 11th edition of the Momasar Utsav. Started in 2011, the festival was organized every year till 2019. It was back in the year 2022 after a two-year unfortunate break due to Covid 19.

Organisers of the festival have been working for over two decades to conserve and promote the rich indigenous music and traditions of Rajasthan. Mr Vinod Joshi, the festival director has devoted his life to research, documentation and promotion of these rare and fading traditions.

Momasar Utsav has been conceived as a showcase of this rich repertoire. It gives a platform to authentic, unheard folk music and unseen traditions with an aim to get them their due recognition and subsequent commercial opportunities for sustained income generation.

Inclusive Festival

Momasar Usav is a truly inclusive and barrier-free festival welcoming people from all backgrounds and beliefs – about 10 thousand of them who come from nearby villages and far-off cities and countries.

Rich, Real Folk

It gives the visitors an opportunity to experience absolutely authentic, unalloyed and often unseen indigenous traditions. It is the only festival of this scale organised in a rural setting.


All concerts and programmes are free to attend without any entry-fee.


The concerts, congregations and exhibitions are organised at unpretentious venues – a haveli (traditional mansion), an old temple of village deity and an open field next to a johad (traditional water harvesting structure). From stage to seating to décor, everything is earnest, charming and true to authentic spirit of the festival.

Intimate Experience

Celebrations flow through the streets and narrow by-lanes of the entire town. The festival is so structured that visitors mingle freely with artists and local residents, an enriching experience for all of them. Visitors are able to take a deep dive into these traditional art forms through intimate interactions with the artists.

The festival also takes pride in being completely alcohol-free.

Momasar audience is remarkably diverse in demography. Folk lovers of all ages and backgrounds sit next to one another and swing to the melodies. Businessmen, professionals, students and music lovers travel from far off cities – and countries – for the festival.

Residents of Momasar and villages & towns nearby also turn up in large numbers.

The village bazaar has a number of clean and hygienic eateries that offer sumptuous local snacks, sweets and savouries.

Modest meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and tea are available for visitors at a nominal payment at the dining zone put up by the organisers for artistes, organising team and volunteers.

Option for delicious Rajasthani delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner is available on payment.

Pre-booking for both options in the form of meal registration is advised.

Momasar is located off (20 km) the Jaipur-Bikaner national highway and off (11 km) the Delhi-Bikaner state highway. It is well connected especially through the national capital, New Delhi and the State Capital, Jaipur.

Travel Options

Land in New Delhi and drive down to Momasar
Road Route: Delhi - Rohtak - Bhiwani - Sardarshahar - Momasar
Driving distance: 350 km

Land in Bikaner and take a taxi to Momasar
Bikaner has direct daily flights from Jaipur and Delhi
Road Route: Bikaner - Sri Dungargarh - Momasar
Driving distance: 110 km

Land in Jaipur and take a taxi to Momasar
Jaipur has direct daily flights from all major cities of India
Road Route: Jaipur - Sikar - Fatehpur - Ratangarh - Rajaldesar – Momasar
Driving distance: 250 km

Yes. People of Momasar are simple, warm and welcoming. The environment at the festival is like one big group of family and friends celebrating together. Momasar Utsav has always had families, children, solo girl and women visitors come down in large numbers.

Yes. Hindi and Shekhawati are the popularly spoken languages in the village but most residents – and almost all organisers and volunteers – understand English. Most of us also speak English fluently.

The festival design team usually starts planning six months in advance and closes the schedule about 2 months ahead.

Write to us at info@momasar.org or send a DM on facebook or Instagram.

Come and soak in the spirit of the festival. Get like-minded friends along with you.

Follow us on social media and share the beautiful stories in your network. Write about it, if you a journalist.

While in Momasar, interact with the locals, the artistes and other admirers. Take pride in our rich culture, and help us protect and promote our beautiful folk traditions.

Shop at the Craft Bazaar liberally and take home lovely souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

During your stay at Momasar, kindly respect the traditional values and practices of residents in your attire and behaviour.

Do let us know if you wish to be a part of Friends of Momasar, an informal group of lovely people who help us with different aspects of organising the festival in big and small ways.

Dates for Future Editions
2024: 18-19-20 October
2025: 10-11-12 October
2026: 23-24-25 Octobe

No, registration is not necessary to attend any of the festival concerts or exhibitions. All events are open and free to attend.

However, a registration helps both, you and the organisers…

  1. You are able to pre-book additional things such as a welcome kit and meals at the festival by paying online, in case you are interested.
  2. We are able to get a better estimation of number of guests and plan for these in advance.

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