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Momasar Utsav:
Space, Simplicity and Sustainability

This festival brings together over 200 folk artists and artisans from across seven cultural regions in Rajasthan.

It is a truly inclusive and barrier-free festival welcoming people from all backgrounds and beliefs – about 10 thousand of them who come from nearby villages and far-off cities and countries. During these two days they find their own space as they lose themselves to the unalloyed traditions of this rich land. The concerts, congregations and exhibitions are organized at unpretentious venues – a haveli (traditional mansion), an old temple of village deity and an open field next to a johad (traditional water harvesting structure).

Celebrations flow through the streets and narrow by-lanes of the entire town. The festival is so structured that visitors mingle freely with artists and local residents, an enriching experience for all of them. Visitors are able to take a deep dive into these traditional art forms through intense interactions with the artists.

Indigenous Music & Craft

These artists are torch-bearers of indigenous music and craft forms of Rajasthan. A number of these are the last few men and women practicing these arts… on the verge of being lost forever.

Jajam Foundation scouts for talent practicing authentic folk traditions, and invites such artists to perform at the festival. Through this festival, the Foundation aims at preserving the rich culture & traditions and creating opportunities for sustained employment and income generation for the local people. It’s an attempt to nourish the roots that nourish us.

The festival takes pride in being completely alcohol-free.

Special Request: People of Momasar are ready to welcome you. During your stay at Momasar, kindly respect the traditional values and practices of residents in your attire and behaviour.

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